Aion, will you like it?

Aion is a striking well-polished, well-presented feature that introduces a new combat system in fantasy MMOs, fighting on wings. In fact, it's such a striking game that we wish there were more of it. While it provides something for both PvE and PvP-oriented user, it will only truly attract to those who enjoy both, as the full Aion experience can only be achieved both by leveling up through crusades and by playing in the Abyss when you're strong enough. The developers have provided a great deal of PvE exploration in the process of localizing it for the North American/ European market and the potential is definitely there for the game to grow in that aspect but as it stands, ultimately the heart and soul of Aion is the Abyss. , if you like both aspects in an MMO, Aion is definitely for you. If you sway towards PvE, there is enough gameplay for you to appreciate for a few months but longevity may be an issue. Of course there's always a chanc

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